An Introduction to Science and Religion

Un corso introduttivo alle tematiche del rapporto tra ricerca scientifica e religione, organizzato a Belfast dal Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, dal 24 al 26 giugno 2011.
Questi gli argomenti e gli interventi programmati:

The Neuroscience Correlates of Religious Faith and Practice, Prof. Dame Ingrid Allen

A Media Perspective on Science-Religion Issues, Dr. William Crawley

Science and the Justification of Religious Belief, Revd Dr. Rodney Holder

The Demise of the Conflict Model in Science and Religion ?, Prof. David Livingstone

Multiple Universes, One Faith ?, Prof. Tom Millar

Animal Theology, Revd Dr. Scott Peddie

The Day the Sun Stood Still: Biblical Miracles and Modern Science, Prof. Stephen Williams

Link corso, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

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