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News ottobre 2008

Climate Change. Sir Brian Heap: we need to face it now

There are some people who say that global warming is the weapon of mass distruction. And there are some people who feel that the estimates of the impact of global warming have been underestimated and overestimated. The most valuable and important contribution has been from the intergovernment panel on climate change, which consists of over one thousand climate scientists, the best scientists in the world, who came up with a consensus opinion that GW is a serious problem, and that is due to man later activities.

Therefore i think we have to take it seriously. The big question is how we going to invest now and the hypothesis that are proposed by some of the leading economists is that every use 1 to 2 per cent of our gdp now, and we’ll save ten to twenty per cent costs later all. However there are some economists who say we should not spend immediately, we should wait to see until is developed, and we spend our money later, when we’re richer, and we have the money available to do something about GW. But i think the emphasis is much more only important, so, getting on with the problem, and dealing starting to do with the problem now, rather then delay in the future; because it’s maybe too late in the future.

interview by Paolo Centofanti, Director of SRM – Science and Religion in Media

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